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I work mainly for publishers, ad agencies, but has also created a design work for tech-companies and international brands.
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Making the design and illustration projects for helping companies break up their fullest potential and resonate with their customers

Unidragon — jigsaw puzzles, as a new universe of possibilities for relaxing, training your brain, meditating, and just having fun. ; ArtFlat — crypto gallery designed to provide artists to succeed in the digital art world; Trizologika — online education platform for kids to gain in-demand technical skills and advance creativeness; Mmon’s — design packaging for a new product line of healthy persimmon snacks for kids and others.
Hi there! I’m Nastya Niksen – extremely professional, experienced, hard-working, talented, funny, cool, and humble illustrator and brand designer based in Seoul, South Korea. I have a background in graphic design and visual identity which is a strength I bring into the illustration world. Currently teaching advanced illustration at Niksen.School.
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Nastya Niksen,
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My brief was to design packaging that makes pleasing parents and charms children. Parents want a healthy snack to give their children, while the kids want something that looks fun and tastes great. With parents focusing on the health aspects of Mmon's I drew on the packages a family storyline with persimmon characters. Mom and Dad take sunbathe on a beach (dried persimmon), grandma swims with grandchildren in the sea of ​​chocolate (chocolate persimmon), and the whole family has dinner together (persimmon sauce). Lovely atmosphere, bright colors, badges of approval, and clear nutritional information on the package.
Design packaging for a new product line of healthy persimmon snacks for kids from Mmon’s Snack Food Startup
This inspiring children's book tells the story of a little girl Mary and her life full of adventures. Mary’s imagination takes you on a visual journey through the curious mind of a 5-year-old who sees life as full of possibilities and amazing things. Through the use of rhythm, color, texture, and emotion, I brought simple stories to life with visuals so that children can comprehend and feel each story.
A picture book "Istorii s pomponom" written by Yulia Simbirskaya, and published by ‘Mann, Ivanov I Ferber’
Rethinking Unidragon's visual identity and redesigning the brand's Instagram account. Jigsaw puzzles, as a new universe of possibilities for relaxing, training your brain, meditating, and just having fun. Services: brand strategy, communications, visual identity.
Visual identity concept for the international jigsaw puzzles brand Unidragon
The Nutcracker is a fairy tale about the most magical night of the year, and is adored by little storytellers around the world. Kids can learn to be storytellers and actors by experimenting with characters and contributing their own ideas. I worked on the product packaging and designed the details of the characters and props for the shadow shows.
The Nutcracker Papaton shadow theater for kids
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The trizologika brand is an education start-up that has got an investment from the government and will finally release an online platform for kids in 2024. For this project, I needed to create a visual identity –all of the design elements they needed to communicate — logo, typography, color palette, character design, and more. Services: brand strategy, communications, visual identity, brand support.
Trizologika — online education platform for kids to gain in-demand technical skills and advance creativeness
Inposphera is a technology educational franchise dedicated to teaching children computational, rational thinking and the fundamental concepts which power technology, robotics, programming, and information in the digital age. I helped to redesign the site and update the visual identity with illustrated characters and made sure all of the core touchpoints are imbued with the visual components of a new brand: social media, website, stands, advertising, and events.
Identity, interaction and website design for Children's Educational Franchise Infosphera
Artflat is a platform to allows users to buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets in the form of NFTs and also use streaming to host virtual art galleries, auctions, and other events. My brief was to make a visual identity and create an NFT marketplace prototype to help the company attract investment. The project got 3 rounds of financial support from investors.
Artflat Crypto Gallery Marketplace Website Design
All my brand work for Davinci, both verbal and visual, is rooted in brand strategy. I did research and evaluation to create a strategic foundation and rationale for the direction of the dental clinic's identity. Services: brand strategy, communications, visual identity, brand support, no-code site development.
New visual identity, and no-code site development for dental clinic Davinci
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Education: Institute of Business and Design, High School of Branding, Moscow, Russia.

Postgraduate Degree/Diploma of Specialization in Brand Design qualified by ABCR (Association of Branding Companies of Russia).
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